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Reducing the impact of stress results in a more productive work environment




Building stress firewalls
to improve productivity, energy and cash flow



Is your organization losing revenue on stress-related employee issues?

  • 80% of all physicians visits are directly or indirectly related to stress-related problems.

  • Over $290 billion dollars is expended annually on compensation claims from on-the-job stress, health insurance, low-productivity and disability.

  • Stress and anxiety are estimated to affect over 19 million Americans.

  • About 70% of workers are unhappy in their current employment due to work-related stress.

As stress is considered the major cause of organizational turnover, installing a “stress firewall” generates a proactive step to prevent the breakdown in your company.


"No worries Mate”

Australian-born stress reduction expert provides objective solutions to persistent problems by

  • Analyzing key areas of lost productivity

  • Determining the conditions and causes of stress

  • Developing programs that address these issues

  • Re-booting employees’ morale.

  • Evaluating environmental conditions

  • Teaching techniques to manage pressure.

Feeling stressed, anxious or overwhelmed? Learn techniques, simple tools and healthy tips to implement into your daily life to feel relaxed, clear, energized and on top of your game.

Linda Benn & Co
can offer your company the optimal tools needed to create a secure and healthy workplace environment.


A “stress firewall” protects your company against any circumstance that may adversely affect your organization’s productivity, profits and future goals.


To learn more about the services that Linda Benn & Co can provide your company click here.


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